MARIMBA (Margins of the Atlantic Region Integrated Multidisciplinary Basin Analysis) - Brazil

DIGs and Geochemical Solutions International (GSI) co-developed MARIMBA-Brazil, starting from a presentation at an AAPG Hedberg Research conference in 2001. Their products integrate the disciplines of geology, geochemistry and geophysics into GIS-based Petroleum Systems Analyses.

For an early illustration of data sets and methods, refer to our prediction of a Santos Basin pre-salt oil play from the 2005 Calgary AAPG Conference: A Busted Flush in the Santos Basin (Brazil) Becomes a Winning Hand: Hydrocarbon Generation and Multi-Path Migration on Shallow and Deepwater Flanks of the Basin

The extension of this work to the Atlantic Equatorial Margins resulted in a series of presentations during 2014, culminating in a submission to a GSL special publication, "Transform Margins: Development, Controls and Petroleum Systems" - to request more information, click DIGs